An experienced software architect, systems administrator, and programmer with over 12 years of experience engineering all levels of web technology- from writing AJAX UI to automating Linux clusters in the cloud- seeks a long-term opportunity to solve interesting problems in the web domain.


Systems Administrator / DevOps Engineer, Razoo Inc. 08/2013-10/2013
Automated Razoo’s hybrid Rails2 & Rails3 app in two months using Chef, enabling it to be scaled according to predicted periods of demand. Razoo elected to stay on their physical infrastructure.
Senior Engineer, Matterport – 02/2013 – 08/2013
Responsible for the entire web and app experience for Matterport. This included system automation, a custom AWS-driven workflow and a 3d web/tablet app.
CTO, eye3ware – 2010-2012
Designed & built a game that met critical but not commercial success.
Senior Software Architect, Kit Digital, April 2009 – December 2010
I lead a team providing mobile and web video over IP experiences, and produced a service-based architecture plan for integrating their diversity of acquired platforms.
Senior Technical Consultant, Acquia, May 2008 – February 2009
I made Acquia infrastructure go by setting up AWS-based development and production environment.
Freelance Developer, 2005 – 2008
Converted BostonNOW from a home-brewed framework to Drupal in 3 months with no prior experience of the framework. Designed and implemented a high-availability load-balanced cluster.
Undergraduate, Biology, University of Rhode Island, 2005-2007.
Learned about the History of Africa, the Biology of Algae, and independently researched the topic of social distributed networks and addressed the problem of producing sufficient biomass to produce the 20 Gigatons of hydrocarbon fuel humans will be consuming in 2050. Learned the realities of the academic life.
Program Instructor, Vips4Kids, Providence RI 2005-2006
Designed and taught several multi-week programs to middle and high-school students on the science of perception, evolution of vertebrates, and the evolution of the circulatory system. Included hands-on experimentation and recent experimental findings. Further engaged to provide a 6 week summer-school biology program for high school students and another summer program for middle school students.
Internet Consultant, Pullman & Seattle WA, Providence RI 2003-2005
Helping content-rich sites incorporate more active participation from their contributing community through distributed review, editing, and annotation systems. Developing services to allow individuals to exploit semantic web technologies.
Systems Engineer, bayMountain, Richmond VA 2002-2003
Provided engineering support for medium to large scale websites including developing clustering solutions, performing ongoing systems administration, and programming additional functionality for client websites.
Proprietor, iMeme, Ft. Collins CO & Fredericksburg, VA 1999-2002
Founded and grew a web hosting provider focusing on the Zope Content Management System. Designed deployment strategies for software bundles made available under the hosting plans, helped handle administration and financial tasks.
Community Liaison, Zope Corporation, Fredericksburg, VA 2000-2002
Worked to help Zope Corporation enhance its communication with the community using its open-source application server, Zope, primarily through enhancing the performance of its website, , moderating chats with the community, and writing up a weekly news report.
Web Designer, Instituto Português de Arqueologia 1998-2000
Redesigned the Institute’s website using the Zope application server.