TATTOO, bed, etc

Ok, so I now have a giant tattoo of a cockroach on my thigh! It took about two hours to complete. There will be pics but only after it is healed (around two weeks from now). The thigh, I think, is the most painless place you could possibly get a tattoo.

I ordered an aerobed today online, so by friday I should be off of this damned camping cot I stole from work the first week I was here. People say the thing is comfortable, and I’ll still be able to use it as a guest bed once I finally get my “real” bed, sometime next year.

My stuff is on its way from Amazon – a pot and a saute pan, both calphalon which is apparently somewhat high end; I think I like them, but I’m not positive, so hopefully I made the right choice. I also got a new set of silverwear because the ones I got from Targe Botique really sucked. A re-sub to Wired since I’ve cought myself reading a bunch of the articles online (yeah, amazon sells subscriptions), and two Jemiah Jefferson books.

Amazon is the best internet retailer, period.

I may be going out on a date shortly; more updates as the news breaks.

On a completely other note, a net-aquaintance killed himself today. RIP, RWP.

3 thoughts on “TATTOO, bed, etc

  1. Subject: re: mytzlplick
    Hi! She actually has three books out, but one of them was going to take forever for amazon to ship so i’ll buy it in my next round.

    hello to you, mytzlplick, or however you pronounce “gmoryx” 🙂

  2. Subject: re: mytzlplick
    hi mindlace =)

    there are two ways to pronouce it. the first way is “gmoryx”.
    the second way is gee-em-oryx, as in genetically modified antelope.

    i’m glad you are keeping an LJ now, looking forward to reading more!

    ps, wheres the picture of the cockroach??

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