cardboard furniture parts


Item Quantity Cost
1200ft2 of cardboard 100 @ 2’x6′ $147.00
Pad of Graph Paper 75 sheets @ 9 1/4″ x 11″ $12
Zebra Jell-3 3-Color Combo Gel Pen 2 $10
Fiskars Protractor With Swing Arm Bar 1 $2.00
Fiskars Stainless Steel Ruler 1 @ 18″ $5
X-Acto Gripster and Assorted #11 blades 1 knife, 15 blades $9.00
3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive 16.5 oz $10.00
Saunders UHU Liquid Glue Pen, Clear 1.69 Oz. $1.00

The cardboard, bought from is as big as it can get and still be shipped by UPS/postal service. Their restrictions are no greater than 130″ in length + girth.

Remember that length you only pay for once but width (and thickness) you pay for twice. The paper is for making designs, as I can find no good cad/drawing software for Linux. The pen is for designs too; I bought 2 because I can’t find them around here – they’re like the four-color pens but instead of regular lame ballpoint they’re gell rollers.

I hope this x-acto gives me more control than a utility knife.

I got the 3M 77 on the advice of . It’s in a spraycan and I only intend to use it if I’m going to pull a gehry and laminate sheets together. The stuff is highly noxious; I’m not sure I should use it at all. If anybody has other suggestions I’m open.

The Saunders UHU pen is a PVA glue. Also not good to suck on, but it’s pretty ubiquitous. I intend to use this if I decide to adhere strips together- like if I were to make a brace.

In general, I want to avoid glueing if possible, and I want them to stay dissasemblable.

I have yet to buy the waterproofing agent but I intend to waterproof all the materiel when I’m done; I may experiment with different agents. I suspect with latex or thick acrylates I could pass the finished pieces off as sturdy-but-light plastic; If I compromised on dissasemblability I’m sure I could.

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