social services, monopoly power, and private effort

If you sincerely believe that private industry is better than the government, you need to stop asking yourself “who is john galt” and get out there and start being that private industry.

Since natural monopolies are all fine and good, and everyone should have the right to keep and bear arms, you shouldn’t complain that a pack of people who posess nuclear weapons have claimed a monopoly over any of the services that you provide.

Take electricity. Go out, get yourself a 250kw fuel cell and start selling electricity to your neighbors.

Take water. Get yourself a couple water tanks. Treat one as grey water, the other as freshwater. Use some cheap methods to get the greywater sterile, then stick it back in the fresh water tank. Hey, since you’ve got a 250kw fuel cell, which probably puts off a tid bit of heat, why not use a sterling engine? Your life would probably be easier if you convinced them to use biodegradeable cleaning agents.
Anyway, prolly have to add some pumps and pass some pipes. Not too big a deal.

Charge an ongoing maintinance fee and – after the install – it should be pretty much play money.

Now, that’s a lot of headache for a homeowner to go to. But it gets them unlimited use of water in their houses- which I’m betting will come dearer and dearer in most of the Great American Desert West.

Take housing, for instance. Go into a slum and start selling geodesic dome kits to people. Use microcredit techniques- Pick five people (probably better off choosing women) and lend them each the money with the understanding that none of them can borrow again if any of them default. Charge them 4x their annual income, and 6-8% interest.

Go crazy and bundle it with electricity and water/sewage since you already know how to do that – but pick five groups of five, and sell it to ’em at 4x *their* annual income (100 years of income). Again, at 6-8%.

And heck, there’s already a private company for dispute resolution in transactions; where’s the private provider of property claims and their resolution (aka property law) or of domesic dispute arbitration?

Since public schooling is commonly known to be terrible, where’s the private sector school that manages to provide higher schooling at what parents can afford to pay, not what the government teat can give?

Probably need to find a way to mass farm some microbe that gives off methane.

2 thoughts on “social services, monopoly power, and private effort

  1. Subject: doing any of these things?
    This has to be the most sensible rant on monopoly-rants I’ve read in a while.

    But do you actually plan to do any of these things?

  2. Subject: doing any of these things?
    Well, my specific approach is going to be different. I’m going to work towards building a nomadic community that provides the intra-communal framework for existing or new intentional communities.

    But same general notion, I think.

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