desk desk desk!

Yay! I finalmentally got my desk.

It is exactly the configuration in that link, but I haven’t added the tower-holder since I have no tower.

The document stand is pretty damn styley; it holds O’Reilly books perfectly, and other tech books – that don’t have the RepKover lay-flat feature – do ok, but not as well.

Of course, the document stand can be tipped until it is nearly flat, so that helps with those sorts of books.

Because they botched sending me the desk, they sent it to me overnight and are mailing me a gift certificate. Now that’s customer service.

The desk is made of supremely high-quality components; the instructions are clear, and they provide all the tools you need to build the desk – a hex-head screwdriver (with this wierd little click-in feature that holds onto the screws w/no magentization), a hex bit (in case you have a drill), and a rubber mallet for popping the tops in.

I’m looking forward to adding to it, as budget allows; I eventually want a file hanger and extension tubes to hold either an additional shelf or a storage unit, to which I intend to affix, facing towards the rear, an LCD projector.

Along those lines, I want to get the cables down to just power, and even that through a UPS- so that’ll mean 802.11, even if I do get an iMac.

Anyway, that’s my rampant materialism for the day 😉

7 thoughts on “desk desk desk!

  1. Subject: ephermal
    Hi. I found you somewhere in the maze of JWB’s metasyntactic site. I added you to my friends list. I thought it only polite to introduce myself 😉


  2. Subject: Re: ephemeral
    Oh! I am but a stripling in the ways of livejournaldom. I presume I needed to say no time to say goodbye hello?

    Thank you! I am going to write more about it tonight I think. Boring bits about preparation and whatnot. Dunno if it will be here or as part of the project page. Probably here first b/c it’s easier to write like I’m talking to someone.

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