this here blogging apparatus

Ok, so I’ve decided to pony up for my lj account. I dunno if I’m going to use it forever and ever, but I’ve certainly received my $25 worth already, so hey.

The thing about livejournal that’s only tenuously being emulated by the stand alone blog tools is the community nature of it.

I guess this means I have to stop treating this like some temporary plebian accomodations until I get my elitist domicile set up and actually do some work around here.

This implies figuring out Yet Another Templating System so that I can fix the hideously ugly format my lj currently uses to something that is more aesthetic and uses validating markup and no fucking tables.

I’ve also got to figure out how to snarf the lj content so I can home-page it.

One thought on “this here blogging apparatus

  1. Make a style with no header or footer and grab it using customview.cgi. I use that. LJ generates img tags that are invalid HTML (no align=”ABSMIDDLE” in the current spec) though, so my pages don’t validate. Even worse when trying to make it XHTML complaint.

    If you’d rather render journal entries yourself, I’ve been working on a ZopeLJ project that I’ve been too lazy to take beyond conceptual design. It will allow cataloging journal entries too. LiveJournal has a very nice XML-RPC interface. Maybe given sufficient impetus…

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