i give up

I made a half-hearted attempt to get back into lojban. While I still find some of its goals interesting, the politics of the people that deal with the language is way too much.

They never agree on anything, they’re academic pedants to the point of absurdity, and just in general, contributing to the community is a pain in the arse.

Also, language is harder for me than I’d like to admit, and lojban is really still in the early adopter stage. Maybe once there’s someone willing to teach the language, or there’s some more basic tutorials or whatnot.

All that being said there’s some most excellent contributors to the community and I hope they continue their efforts, despite the LLG.

3 thoughts on “i give up

  1. Subject: lojban
    As an on and off again lojbanist myself, I can certainly sympathize with your concerns about the politics. As a result I tend to pretty much ignore the mailing list these days. I just use Logflash and go through the learning materials. As far as tutorials go, have you looked at Nick and Robin’s Lojban For Beginners? It is by far the best introduction to Lojban I’ve seen yet.

    If you ever decide you do want to continue, I would be more than happy to offer any help I could. I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of the basic grammar and of the tense system. I’m still working on the logical connectives. I’m trying to drum up interest for a Lojban study group here in Austin.

  2. Subject: lojban
    I haven’t looked at it recently, I will look it over. Thanks for the offer of help. Your lj is pretty sweet, links to interesting stuff I hadn’t seen before.

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