the individual autonomous collective

the collective is not an organization but a series of protocols. patterns of exposed behaviour that imply certain results. Social Contract as API, as it were.

The current regime will use violence and secrecy to resist change.
The only way to beat force is with distribution and the only way to beat secrecy is with publicity.

An individual, in the US, may operate as a commercial entity with the same name without filing any form of paperwork whatsoever. (if this is true or untrue in your country, please let me know.)

All information about this commercial entity can be made public to greater or lesser degree.

The set of individuals that are at maximum disclosure relative to each other are the boundaries of de-facto collectives.

Individuals that choose to publicly disclose all are hubs in the privacy-net.

3 thoughts on “the individual autonomous collective

  1. Subject: influences
    This makes me think of two different novels by Neal Stephenson: The Diamond Age (wherein CryptNET is described), and The Cryptonomicon where there is an really spooky individual of whom that reminds me. Perhaps Stephenson is a prophet of sorts. 🙂

  2. Subject: influences
    I certainly found those books to be influential. CryptNET is escalating levels of secrecy, though, not necessarily of disclosure.

    The thing that differentiates what I’m describing is it requires none of the agents to be aware that the others are participating.

    If each agent makes the information public using a standard schema for your data, you can autodiscover your collective.

    I’m not sure which individual you’re alluding to.

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