validating web forms, color schemes, ram

Well, I’m up to one whole day’s worth of billable hours (8). Most of which were spent on making one page do the right thing as regards form validation.

I’m probably slow – d’any of you build validating forms with their in-page error messages in less than six hours, and if so, what’s your magic juice?

Anyway, it feels good to have some work done, even if it is super-generic form action for a yacht club.

My fave new tool of the day is Color Consultant Pro. I’ve never been able to come up with decent color schemes on my own; this tool makes it a snap. $35 is a bit much, but I can see myself using this a lot.

Also, I got my 512mb sodimm stick today, bringing me up to 640mb. I haven’t really noticed it, which means it was worth it; before i had huge lags on application switching and mozilla, beast that she is, would have some in app slowdowns. All a happy memory.

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