This is my commentary on Powaqqatsi, the sequel to Koyaanisquatsi. It kind of trails off about 2/3 of the way through when I got too drunk.

Humans are like wind and lava; a force of nature. In some non-trivial ways, we’re more eusocial than hymenoptera. I wonder if the coming years will bring us into the eusocial realm of the termite – where our geonome starts to diverge; probably not so much by the task but according to the econiche. Though given our stature as general purpose omnivores, differentiating to occupy different econiches is very much like task differentiation.

I like how ‘shelf’ farming on hills looks like the land is turning into a topo map. The map may not be the territory, but we sure work to make it true. I wonder how closely technological development has paralelled that of population. Every exponential growth curve in nature eventually hits a limit; there’s no reason to think this isn’t true of man, as Jason Lanier pointed out in his “Half a Manifesto“. Palm trees look like a conspiracy of ferns. This encampment looks like burning man with camels.

The soundtrack is very good. digeridoo and violin and horn? I am the god of me.”viva la guerra / de guerrilas”

Can we please stop killing each other over complex hydrocarbons?

incredible use of ghosting.

bodies in the river.

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