SAT scores

Finally got around to checking my SAT scores. I received a 1400- 600 math, 800 verbal. That’s 30 points better on the math than I did last time I took it. It’s in the mid range of what Brown accepted for freshmen last year ( 1290 – 1500 for bottom quartile – top). Hopefully this score will help me make the case that I’m competent enough to attend the school. If Evergreen does not accept me – they suggest one needs an SAT of 900 – I will be quite surprised.

Anyway, I’m feeling a little less nervous about my chances in the Brown admission process.

6 thoughts on “SAT scores

  1. For me, that’s some of the best news of the week, along with someone I love getting out of orthopedic surgery feeling good.
    I really never doubted you could do well above average, you are exceptional! Even if there were no scores to confirm it.

  2. Congrats! If you had a good GPA you should easily get in. Most colleges seem to value that a lot more than SAT scores. I had a really shitty GPA (3.0) and had a 1520 on the SAT but still got turned down at a bunch of places because of my GPA. Evergreen is not that hard to get into though. I never applied to Brown, so I’m not sure there.

  3. That’s a great score! I have no GPA, really … the five quarters of high school 10 years ago don’t exactly count; I’ve got to get in under alternative admissions. I’ve still only a modest chance of getting into brown, but here’s hoping!

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