The symmetry of uncertainty

What causes the past to be indeterminable is the reflection of the future.

The farther you go into the past, the less you can know about the prevailing conditions until finally you get back to the CMB, a massively blown-up shot of a small number of quantum states sticking their collective asses on the BigBang photocopier that you get to fondle like some sort of phrenologist to find all the little fiddly bits that went in to what’s happening now.

Evidence rapidly degrades as you go into the future, extrapolating from state that you’ve collected from the past (when it was the present). No matter how good you get, you’ll never collect all the present evidence because no present contains all the pasts: when you look at the present of anything you’re looking at a fragment of its pasts’ futures.

This, coupled with an upper bound on the rate of relating, means there’s no way of telling the difference between a deterministic and indeterministic universe.

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