hair, syncato, and Eos

Tonight our hairs changed colour and I have been working on installing syncato, to provide the back-end for the next generation of RolandHT; this has to be done by the beginning of May so that we can have a poster ready. A brief quote about the project from one of our abstract submissions:

The roland corpus itself is being marked up in a dialect of XML that is specific to expressing the semantic components and interrelations of the corpus objects. The marked up objects are placed into an open revision control system called subversion that can be accessed using the WebDAV standard, though limits on existing clients generally require the use of a freely available client. Once in a revision control system the objects are imported into an XML database like Sleepycat software’s XML database. At this point different views of the corpus may be generated through XPath and XQuery driving XSL transformations of the native XML dialect into formats suited to the final audience, with the first target being an XHTML interface suited to modern browsers.

The day of Eos has been exquisitely observed. Excellent circassian chicken has been consumed along with a frothy caffeinated beverage and chocolate. My mind is filled with delightful and intricate thoughts, my heart is filled with love, and the sweet buds of creative effort swell. What more can anyone ask?

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