I moved today, and that is good, i suppose, but I’m too tired to feel it.
Here are some photos of the apartment. They don’t really do it justice; I’ll try again tomorrow.

It’s still a lot of work between now and a nice place, but it has a lot of potential. If anyone reading this knows any dark ritual for removing paint, I would be eternally grateful for suggestions.

The refrigerator smelled nast and was old, even after the landlady made a pass at cleaning out the super funk that was in there (made me realise I am definitely going to want a quite separate lab.) So we went out on this odyssey to get a fucking refrigerator. We considered every model in existence, and were about to settle on a $650 22cf side-by-side model that consumes 725kw/yr. We ended up with a 5cf sanyo SR-4910M for $100 (consumes 316kWh/year) , a $130 FoodSaver Vac 800 and a Haier 5cf chest freezer for $180, which includes home delivery. The freezer consumes ~260kWh/year; I’ll get back to you on that once it’s delivered. So, we got 10cf for $280; that’s $28 per cf as compared to $34 per cf for the larger model, and $0.48 spent per kW h/year vs. $0.89 per kWh/year; on the downside it’s 39.4 kWh/cf vs 38.1 kWh/cf; however, I believe the slightly larger usable space on account of less gewgaws like an icemaker might tip this calculation in the favour of our arrangement. No fridge we looked at has an equal freezer/fridge ratio, and Vika and I can carry both of these. Finally, there’s them 149kWh/year we’re not spending. My guess is we’re replacing a fridge (~19cf) that consumed around 2000kWh/year; so we’re saving 1424kWh/year from what used to be spent in this apartment. We did get central air put in, so we’re certainly going to blow that margin.

A big props out to Sean for helping us get moved and stuff cleaned, and as usual pulled out the nice tunes.

The elmwood community center is right across the street, so I should be able to both lift weights and volunteer to help teach people to read english; I love to read, and I would like to help pass on that bug.

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