math is kicking my ass (and housewarming)

I’m taking precalculus to prepare me for the two math classes required if I want to take most engineering courses – MTH 141 & 142 (calculus and analytical geometry I and II). Right now it’s kicking my ass – I’m getting a low B, and after this second test, well, if I’m lucky I’m maintaining that.

Anyway, it’s sure blown a hole in my prima-donna attitude. While I know this isn’t representative of my undergraduate career, it’s made me really reconsider the scale of my ambitions … makes me think I’m going to have to pay more attention to social factors and whatnot to get where I’m hoping to end up.

Also, we had a housewarming party, that was most excellent. A couple of net.people came over that were slightly odd but mostly it was smooth and fun. We fed people all sorts of good hors d’oeuvres. There was some really good discussion about the nature of consciousness, with Andrew really pitching in – there’s a philosophy group meeting on Friday, which hopefully will give me the chance to talk big talk w/o getting people annoyed. Our downstairs neighbors are cooler than I thought previously.

So, if I don’t yap any more before the end of july, just blame precalc.

One thought on “math is kicking my ass (and housewarming)

  1. Subject: math-based exams are really tests to see how much you practiced the dull homework problems
    Hey, I enrolled in Calc I five times (two of which I dropped for nonacademic reasons, but still…), and lost a good chunk of self-confidence along the way, before I got a decent grade in it. That last time, I was barely getting by until about the midterm, when something clicked, I found it in myself to actually go over the homework I didn’t get right, and ask questions in class when I got lost, and attend a study group session before the final, and I ended up getting an A for the course. That ended a decade of stupid self-doubt. For all that, I knew it was basically a hoop-jumping exercise, since I didn’t know any engineers who actually USED calculus in their work (though it does help occasionally to understand the concepts behind it).

    Glad the houswarming went well – sorry I missed it.

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