Fall Equinox

Molly pronouncing us wed Vika and I had the first of our two marriages on the Fall Equinox. It was a small event at a local japanese restauraunt; our friend Molly officiated, and Zhenya and Jo Ann witnessed. David and Tesher also joined us.

It was an excellent time, regardless of the 25 person birthday party seated next to us that culminated in a demonstrative use of a beer bong.

I’m writing this in retrospective, as the last two weeks have been utterly packed. Vika and I have been so intertwixed for a while now that being married mostly feels like clarifying to the rest of the world what we knew already. We’re having another ceremony on the spring equinox, where we’re going to invite a larger group of people to witness our union. Vika’s family is pretty amazing; it’s a relief, and interesting, to be part of a family again.

The only thing I can give Vika that will come anywhere near to expressing my love for her is the rest of my life.

Thank you, Vika. I am fulfilled by our life together.

5 thoughts on “Fall Equinox

  1. Congrats you two. Finding someone you really care enough about to spend the rest of your life with is a wondeful thing!!!

    Best wishes

  2. Hello Dear Ethan and Vika,
    When will you have pictures of Spring Equinox ready?
    “Your body belongs to the earth, your spirit to the sky.” Unas Pryamid Text

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