Sexist Assholes on Ye Interwebbe

Warning: discussion, images, and links in this post may all be offensive/NSFW. Note: comments are moderated so it might take me a little bit to put your insightful words up.

I have been, for the last few weeks, spending too much of my free time participating/lurking on the picpile site the maxx. I really enjoy many aspects of it; scenery, funny images, artistic photos, and biological/medical photos are all fun for me. However, there are an awful lot of tits & ass photos. I find this mildly annoying, as the internet doesn’t suffer from a dearth of pictures of naked women.

One participant in the maxx is a woman who goes by funkynut. Funkynut has a fairly non-steryotipic view of the world and the internet, as evidenced by her livejournal. She also has a consistent habit of voting “bad” on T&A photos.

This evidently won her some enmity. An entire series of posts were devoted to speculating, through images, what funkynut looked like. I’ve created a montage of those images that were still available for download. To me, they reveal something interesting about the way women are perceived.

Image (1) started the whole thing off, more or less. (2) makes the classic assertion that any woman with unfeminine opinions must be a hermaphrodite. (3) suggests that perhaps unspecified women on the maxx are both obese and interested in exposing themselves. The title for this one was “envisioning [insert female maxxer name here]”. (4), (5), and (6) are all attempts to be less lame. Of those, (4) was presented straightforwardly, and doesn’t feature nudity. (5) is a repost of a self-portrait funkynut posted some time ago. One of the interesting things about this pic is that much of the commentary surrounding these images involved funkynut needing to “prove” that she is who she says she is by posting more pics (preferably nude). (6) This one could be interpreted as “spunky”, as the woman in the picture is flipping us off. Yet she manages not to have any clothes on, something evidently required when envisioning a woman. (7) brings us to a fully clothed cartoon woman, who evidently is dumb, can’t handle her computer, and/or can’t handle the maxx. (8) reprises the dim notion, though I’d be unsurprised if the apostrophe abuse is original rather than parodic. (9) was originally an animated gif; the woman was jiggling her breasts.

(10) and (11) are thematically related to (2); here we have two men dressed up as women. (10) had the most most emblematic title, I thought; it said “envisioning funkynut’s only apparent talent”. The poster, seven, also had the distinction of making some of the most disparaging comments regarding funkynut, though I must admit the competition was heated.

(12)-(15) mostly focus on the “freak” theme, with (14) serving as the obligatory “you’re really a fat man” post. Most of these can be interpreted as more humour than anything else.

To contextualize this phenomena, imagine if someone made a point of saying they were black. Subsequently, a series of posts were made “envisioning” them featuring people in blackface, cartoon stereotypes of blacks, and maybe this picture entitled “envisioning [x]’s only talent”. Somehow, I suspect that run would’ve received slightly fewer [good] votes than the one that merely heaped derision on women.

13 thoughts on “Sexist Assholes on Ye Interwebbe

  1. You’ve been coming to [tmbo] for all of a month and you have everything figured out. Nobody will argue about the smut content. That topic was brought up long before you showed up.

    You think people hate funkynut becuase she has tits and [bad]s all the smut? You have no idea how way off you are on that statement. A lot of the poeple who can’t stand her are, in fact, female…..

    “The poster, seven, also had the distinction of making some of the most disparaging comments regarding funkynut, though I must admit the competition was heated.”

    The one you have crowned king of the sexist assholes happens to be a woman. Way to talk out of your ass.

  2. Well, this is what happens when someone from the outside enters a community and makes a handful of assumptions. Seven is a female. Funkynut is hated for specific reasons which you are obviously not privy to. Meanwhile, some of the most popular members are females (see: VibratingToad, Elli, etc).

  3. It’s not clear to me that one has to be male to be sexist. Funkynut is certainly prone to making equally disparaging comments, so I can understand if she’s less than popular. In the several months I’ve been reading the site, I’ve noticed this sort of thing consistently; If I hadn’t already seen the crap that another female poster got for putting up a self-portrait, a ton of pics entitled [camwhore], a bunch of “ooh laugh at the fattie girl”, a whole lot of “skankzilla” remixes, and that charming piece where everyone pissed on the woman doing a suspension, I might give more credence to your “he’s an outsider, he just doesn’t understand” argument. In the time that I’ve been following it, I have seen nothing like this applied to any male participant, including the fellow who posted a self-portrait in his undies.

  4. mindlace,

    You’re a piece of work, dude. You’re defending FN from “sexism,” despite the fact that Nut has a distinguished track record of saying sexist and vile things here and elsewhere. Singling out Seven, of all people, is particularly galling, since for all intents and purposes FN “stalked” her and posted volumes of hate-filled, venomous bile directed at her a few months back.

    Here’s an idea. Google “funkynut” sometime, genius.

    The “bad votes for boobies” thing is a myth, btw, and I can’t believe you would propagate it, considering you *claim* to have visited her LiveJournal:


    She while she “has a consistent habit of voting ‘bad’ on T&A photos,” as you wrote, she also has a consistent habit of posting them on her livejournal site. Hypocritical, much?

    The truth is, this has nothing to do with gender. Some of the most beloved Maxxers are women: pj, frani, vibrating_toad, seven, etc. And frankly, your sexism theory is dubious anyway, since many of us here believe that “she” is a “he.” (That theory has some merit, since the picture she submitted to TMBO as a self-pic was rejected by “Hot-or-Not” for being a pro model when xianc did his little “Hot-or-Not Maxxers” experiment.)

    With regard to the “enmity,” I won’t speak for the others. But in my case, it has to do with the following:

    1) Nut contributes little or nothing to the community besides [bad] votes and snarky, un-funny commentary. Nut is the #2 [bad] voter on TMBO, yet evidently cannot find another site on the entire intarnet that features images he finds acceptable.

    2) The on-going “bad votes for boobies” myth. IT’S NOT ABOUT THE BOOBIES. Nut knows a [bad] vote is an easy way to get attention without actually *creating* anything, or even posting something he didn’t create. So he scatters little nuggets of poop throughout the site, waiting for a reaction. Any reaction.

    3) So what, right? The problem is, a [bad] vote affects a poster’s ability to upload images in the future. So I don’t hand them out lightly (see #2). The site is named THIS MIGHT BE OFFENSIVE. As such, I typically vote “bad” when an upload is, well, BAD. Don’t get me wrong… I love attention. But I get attention at TMBO by actually CREATING SOMETHING, or ADDING SOMETHING to the site and letting people evaluate whether it’s bad or good.

    4) Nut appropriates other people’s creative work. Nut’s livejournal is chock full of images that I created (or found and then posted at TMBO). Frankly, I could give a rat’s ass about Nut’s five livejournal readers. But if anyone should be posting images *I* dug up or created on their own personal blogs, it should be ME. I don’t currently, but maybe I should start, if you and funkynut represent the audience I’m reaching at TMBO.

    Whatever. TMBO is a web community, and like all web communities, there are customs and rules and standards, some written, some unwritten. You don’t have to be an old-timer at TMBO (I’m not) to know that others have been “banished” from the community for violating those standards. But banishment has never been due to sexism.

    Clearly the “what does funknut look like” meme was censure by the other members of the community. To “contextualize this phenomena,” imagine that the participants were giving Nut a series of visual [bad] votes.

    Anyway, good luck with that “Tilting at Windmills” thing.

  5. Honestly I was on TMBO for about 3 months … one day after arguing with the likes of those meatheads a few points came to mind:

    Most of the pics are pointless, stolen, unoriginal crap
    Many of the folks there are pointless unoriginal crap
    its trully is a tiny group un self-important morons

    move on … they are not really important to anyone but themselves

  6. First all them links is broke and I didn’t get to see any boobs.

    Second I need a working link to whatever [a bunch of “ooh laugh at the fattie girl”] is about…

    …and last I don’t know who funkynut is….

    is mindlace the same as boxarox?

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