I am a horrible person to have on a tech support line

Here’s the context. I have a SuperDrive in my PowerMac G5 2GHz that intermittently fails to read certain data CDs. It has essentially no problem (aside from shitty error recovery from read failures) reading DVDs. It has no problem reading CD-Rs. But it does have a problem where it gets locked in seeking for the start of the disk, and seeks over and over again for minutues before ejecting. It does this on bootup, before the OS is loaded. These CDs work flawlessly in Vika’s 12″ PowerBook G4. I do not have any original media for this machine anymore.

Now, I make bupkus. Of that bupkus, Apple Corporation receives more than what the Catholic Church would have asked of me were I not an apostate. I paid $200 to get the extra-special care package, and I spent more money than was strictly rational to get this tower.

I am invariably wildly irrational with people who walk through a script without understanding the context, ask me to do things I’ve already tried, and then don’t know enough about the boot sequence to recognize that a drive error before the root partition is found is not the fucking OS’s fault.

When I beg him to at least note the fact that data CDs placed in other drives don’t run on this drive, he refused. I suggested that while Apple did not see fit to actually require any product knowledge, they surely required him to be able to type.

We went back and forth like that for a while. Eventually he put me on hold having not typed anything. After 10minutes, someone else comes on the line, and I made an ass of myself carrying over my frustration from the last conversation.

Finally he agrees to a replacement. I ask him if I can pay extra to have a better drive than the one I started. He said there was no way to do that.

I guess it’s time to install Linux, and see if I can wean myself off of Apple hardware.

Conclusion: The replacement drive arrived. It works flawlessly. Thanks for making me waste three hours of my life proving that my drive was dysfunctional, Apple.

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