But Odin’s Day was better.

Today was better. I put together a spiffy little frog dissection workbook, and the kids seemed to get into the class. The highlight of the day was experiencing the reactions of the teenager when I pulled her frog’s skull and eyeballs out of her specimen, cracked it open, and showed her how tiny his brain was.

I got reminded that I’m asking some hard questions, and shown the tested reading level of my students. I definitely need to make my teaching more accessable to them. I haven’t been so acutely aware of my lack of Spanish knowledge as in this class.

However, there’s at least one student who is going like me – she’s five grades ahead in her reading level, but she’s getting straight D’s in school. I am trying to think of ways to challenge her and the three other students in my class who seem to want to excel. If anyone has ideas for that that don’t amount to tracking, let me know.

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