Well, being the early adopter monkey I am, I have gone ahead and updated to wordpress 2.0. Plusses: the new admin interface is quite nice- I’m enjoying the wysiwyg editor, hopefully it will still be enjoyable when I resort to more advanced htmlishness. Unfortunately the old theme I used no longer works, so I’m using this orchid theme for the moment, though I’m also looking into K2. I’ve hooked up to the new anti-spam plugin that comes in 2.0, but am still uncertain whether wp-haschash, my previous fave anti-spam plugin, works with 2.0. Other plugins I’ve installed are Sitemap Generator – I’ve stuck with the 2.7 version – and FlikrRSS – so as to selectively include flikr posts in my site.

In other news, my struggle to install horde is both complete and not yet begun. Things work for the moment, but after I finally punted on getting ldap to work and got mysql-based authentication to work I realized that one of the main drivers of using ldap was so that contacts would work in ldap-aware imap clients like Thunderbird.

Also it seems like my fantasy about being able to sync everything from horde to mac is still in beta, and the only way to get it installed is to go ahead and move to a HEAD cvs checkout … which is lovely, but I do need to use it. So I guess on the agenda is making a head-horde, so as to not interfere with the progress I’ve made so far.

Still, horde seems like the most actively developed tool of its kind – if anyone knows of OSS that’s better for webmail/project management/calendaring, I’d love to hear about it. I’ve seen some sexy AJAX toys around, but my attempts to install them have been for naught.

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