I’m on the telly!

Ok, so that’s not really the important part… My BFF Sean Stevens was paid $300 by a sub-contractor of Turner to magnetically attach LED pictures of a cartoon character at specific locations in Boston to promote a new movie. Two weeks after he first started hanging them, he was arrested for doing so because the authorities of Boston decided the signs were likely to be explosives.

I went down to represent, yo, and one nice reporting crew actually used some of my verbiage; watch the video on the right.

They misspelled my name, of course, but whatever; and really, the real heroes are Sean and Peter, who kept their sense of humor through the whole bizarre process, and held one of the best press conferences in history.

Update-Update: The media is reporting that charges have been dropped, but Sean hasn’t been notified that that’s the case, so we’re still waiting on that part.

4 thoughts on “I’m on the telly!

  1. Nothing funnier than people who take themselves too seriously goaded into being the butt of a joke they’re too straight to even be aware of. Very Kauffmanesque. I certainly hope all goes well legally for these guys.

  2. Been following this fairly close as well. Rather sad commentary about how scared people are in this country if they can mistake an atari character giving you the bird with a bomb…

  3. Ethan, I saw you on the news–articulate as always. It seems we’re both out here in the same neck of the woods (I’m up in Boston). Send me an email, I’d love to catch up, and I’m actually going to be in Providence this weekend.

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