mindsweeper prototype 0.1

If you have an OS X mac, it would be delightful of you to download this little simplistic “game” I wrote and tell me if it is playable for you. Update: The first version I uploaded was Intel-only. The current version is Universal, but that makes it 11mb, so I also created an intel-only version and a ppc-only version, which are about 7mb each. I also put up a web-applet version that requires the free Unity player; it’s only 1mb but I have no idea how big the player is 🙂
(Rules: use the arrow-keys to move the camera, click on any group of balls to make them go away, try to get rid of all the balls.)

If you want more balls (lots, I haven’t tuned it), hold down space bar for at least .5 sec.

Because the beads spawn really fast, the “setup” of the game might be very slow for you; please be patient, once the scene is built it should be playable even on a sub 1ghz g4. The main UI problem to be aware of at the moment is that you can’t click on beads in the back; you have to rotate the scene around until the beads are facing you (at least partially).

I am especially interested to hear:

  1. if it responds quickly to mouse clicks, even if everything moves slowly afterwards;
  2. if it ever makes beads disappear that should not (i.e. only touching beads of the same color should disappear).
  3. For the persistent, can you ever get rid of all the beads, or even get down to few enough that the bottom row has a permanent gap?
  4. Are there too many beads for “a level’s worth”? Too few?

This is going to eventually be a little puzzle game called mindsweeper. It plays at a fine pace for me on my MacBook Pro at 1400×900, but I’d be curious to know how it is for you. I would especially appreciate any crash reports. You are free to do whatever you want with the above-linked file with the obvious caveat that this software is distributed with no warranty or guarantee of any kind. If it eats your machine and sleeps with your sex partner of choice I cannot be held responsible.

Thanks for your help!

3 thoughts on “mindsweeper prototype 0.1

  1. I have to ratchet down the display size quite a bit on my old-ish Powerbook G4. The FPS still isn’t great, but it is reasonably responsive to my clicks. I wasn’t able to make anything disappear that shouldn’t have.

    I would imagine that there would always be some balls left over at the bottom, no matter what. Can’t say I got that far though 🙂

    Nice idea for a timekiller. Are you going to do more with it? The Unity engine pretty much rocks, doesn’t it?

  2. Thanks for playing it! I didn’t think the web-app version worked in windows at all, so I’m glad you had some success.

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