y kant bash spel

so ok, if I typo and do “aptitude uipdate”, should it not know what I mean?

In the case that arguments or their values have a finite set of valid inputs, it seems like one could readily have the correct version printed as a “did you mean this? if so, press enter, if not, press n” instead of saying “unknown command”.

Maybe I can implement this – bash completion seems to do something similar already, so either this feature is available and I don’t know how to use it, or i can use its completion libraries to do the similarity search.

3 thoughts on “y kant bash spel

  1. i have often wanted to create a flowchart system, decision tree, or simple computer logic program to solve internal debates such as “Do i go to work even though I am sick?” with questions like “Is your fever over 102 F?” and “Is your boss compassionate?”

    interpersonal relationships are a bit trickier because the interplay of individual traits and proclivities creates an exponential increase in variables. that sort of system seems to require attention to nuance that logic simply cannot provide.

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