2 thoughts on “Beauty is the enemy

  1. You know, I was talking with my wife about this video the other day…when I was younger I might have thought it was cool in a sort of rebellious sort of way…you know, graphic imagery speaking against globalism, etc etc. Now, all I can think of is “that poor doggy”. Of course, I imagine it’s not a “real” dog head…or is it? Genesis is a pretty weird guy, afterall.

    Also, I though this was a NIN video when I started watching it for the first time – reminded me of the Broken videos…(also though those were cool in a gruesome way when I was younger…now, not so much).

    Funny how age changes us.

  2. Unfortunately, I’m fairly certain that is in fact a real dog head. There are a whole bunch of horrifying veterinary videos from the 50’s-70’s where animals were systematically tortured and then filmed in order to demonstrate various abstract concepts.

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