an earth-shattering kaboom

Ok, maybe not earth-shattering. My main client, BostonNOW, went belly up two weeks ago, right before my planned vacation. After some scrambling, I’ve found some other consulting work, and am actively looking at w2-style employment options.

Vacation was nice – I learned a lot about a relationship that is important to me as well as learning a good deal about the kind of opportunities available in the SF Bay Area and my relative fitness thereto. There’s a couple of pending things in that area; more news when I have it.

The aforementioned consulting work is pretty awesome- it’s basically a project I’ve wanted to build myself, but someone else is paying me (sadly, this means that most of it is work-for-hire).

Because I lost a week of billed work in addition to the week I lost from being on vacation, I’m in a bit of scramble-mode to catch up with the bills. So if I’m terse or distracted for the next two weeks, just remember, it’s not you, it’s my creditors.

I’ve switched over to using google (via google apps) for my email, so I should be less of a sketchy mofo when communicating with me via email now that I don’t have to deal with 10k spam every day.

Still have to get around to updating this blog to 2.5 – I think I’m going to cross-grade to some hosted thingy at that time. I already tried crossgrading to but they require that they be the MX for whichever domain you point at them- which means either this thing moves to e.g. or I find another provider.

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