Your permanent record.

I hadn’t really thought about the fact that the talk Adam Kelsey and I gave was going to be uploaded onto I was just reading an article in Nature by Cory Doctorow about the infrastructure uses, replicated on three continents, and designed for the Long Now (at least as close as one can get with racks in data centers, anywho), and it made me think of how this point in human history is like the short, hot time at the beginning from an informational perspective.

There will come a time, not long from now, that the notion that one would ever “lose” data is like the notion that one could misplace one’s ear, or more gentle parts; just not even considered, because everything naturally persists in multilayered, adaptive caches that cause all data to be conserved like the data at

One thought on “Your permanent record.

  1. Speaking personally, and I believe I mentioned this rather forcefully at some point earlier in the week — I think this would be a Very Bad Thing ™.

    Information SHOULD be loseable. Or at least lossy.

    Otherwise change becomes more and more impossible. And without change: Entropy. Death.

    Perhaps that means the rising of new civilizations, but perhaps it also means the ending of your (and my) life — and the lives of those we know (whether we care about them or not).

    Or at least their freedoms. And, more frighteningly, their Freedom.

    The thing that made the “New World” so fascinating, or at least useful, after all, was the whole possibility of starting over. Humans NEED the ability to start over.

    And every day that ability is shrinking, getting more and more cramped and forced into smaller and smaller pockets.


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