Steps towards zero owned matter

For those of you who follow my twitter feed, you know I’ve already broken down and pre-ordered a Kindle 2. Despite announcing it many months ago, I have not given away most of my books. I suspect my reticence is in not wanting to give up the content. However, I have a workaround. I’m going to use delicious library to catalog all the physical books I have, so that I can gradually re-acquire my library in ebook format.

Anyway, so this should get rid of the bulk of my non-car owned matter. As part of the move I’m going to try to come up with an estimate of how much mass remains in my possession, so I can accurately track its diminishment.

2 thoughts on “Steps towards zero owned matter

  1. Hey there. Sorry I didn’t stop and talk at the Diesel yesterday; I was running around. I thought it was weird, though: I hardly ever see you, and I’d just been thinking about you when I did.

    Hope you’re well. This journey you’re on sounds interesting. Email me if you like; I don’t have a good email for you.

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