hollywood geek quotient

All geeks in movies have a bunch of windows with text scrolling by regardless of what they’re doing. Therefore, one’s “hollywood geek quotient” is determined by how much scrollage is on one’s desktop.My current hollywood geek quotient is “high”. 


These “mutterings” seem a little weird to have in addition to the twitter box; I mean, how many short life updates can I cram into a sidebar?

I’m settling into life version 3.x, and while it’s clearly still a development branch it holds promise. My apartment is (still) a wreck but I guess I’ll get that taken care of in the next few days, which means I should finally be able to start having people over for dinner and BRAINS.

Still working like a fiend, partially because there’s a lot of work and partially because I’m trying to shovel myself out from under a mountain of debt. I’m enjoying it, though, and it’s all crap that will look nice on a resume the next time I’m pimping myself out.

the goose is getting fat

I have a comfy new chair in which I expect to while away the hours reading. I have jacked up the buproprion and eliminated the citalopram which made today really peculiar for my mental state. Interpersonal interactions have gone to eleven. I am attempting to put in a triple-digit amount of work this week so that I can finish a project and take care of my obligations next month. The interpersonal stuff has made that a touch more complicated, but life is like a perhaps hand.

Highlight of my week last week: I felt like for the first time I genuinely envisioned a 3-sphere. I was a strung-out and not very thrilling attendee at the wedding of the last two genuine hipsters in Brooklyn. They’re the sort of couple who make your teeth vibrate with their awesomeness and their wedding did not disappoint.

Work threatens to drive all the creatures that aren’t problem-solving web geeks from my head, hopefully treated by some intense expression soonish. If nothing else I’m going on a creative sabbatical soon where I will go hide and make art.

Lately i’m working ten hours or more a day. I’ve been trying to study more about Tantra through scholarly texts and first person accounts; it has gone slowly. Social life has been bipolar, with a good deal of unpleasantness and some beautiful high notes. While it looks like the work will get a little mellower in the next couple of days, I have little hope for the social sphere – I have had strong reminders that some of the deep aspects of myself from which I draw power are unpleasant or worse for other humans, and it appears for the moment that it is these aspects which are invoking the distress of people around me. Unfortunately, they’re people close enough to me that the usual tactics I indulge in to help others tolerate me aren’t viable… in fact, so far they’ve just made things worse.

Still, I haven’t felt this together in a long while, and it is very rewarding to feel that I might finally be competent enough to become the change I wish to see in the world.

Well, work goes intensively, so much so I’m trying to bring in more help. I’m getting wrapped up in CMS/groupware land again, and gosh if it isn’t very nearly the same sort of “everybody loves an alpha / nobody likes a beta / everyone hates a full release” situation I recall it being last time I really dove into the subject around ’99. Not to be all “kids these days” or anything. That being said, some projects are really making me fairly happy and just as soon as I have anything in production I’ll be sure to brag about it.

I’m now ensconced in Somerville, though we are some logistical distance away from being settled in. Roomates are grand, place is fabulous, life is beautiful. Business is going well, and I am working on some really compelling projects that will appear here once I have made more progress. I’m working on a game with the working title “Dungeon Life”, which is going to be something like an ethnic-cleansing survival horror version of Virtual Villagers. I’m also working on a scratchboard since all the mind mapping tools out there map to some sort of mind I don’t have.