Best. Movie. Ever.

I have liked many films, been moved by many, but never have I had a favourite until last night. Claudia is a fan of Klaus Kinski and rented Fitzcarraldo.  You must see it.  The exquisite camera work and extraordinary directing are riveting by themselves, but the jaw-dropping realism renders the surreal storyline a visceral verisimilitude that is utterly enthralling.

The fact that the story is a wish-fulfillment fantasy that seems to have been written precisely for a Don Quixote like me took the aforementioned elements, which alone would have sufficed to render the film among the greatest I’ve ever seen, and enthroned it firmly at the peak of my regard.

life update

Sorry that it’s been so long since I posted; life has been busy, but fruitful.

At the moment I am trying to get a work visa in Germany, and living with the wonderful and charming Claudia. This features lots of kafka-esque moments, wherein I try to convince people that have no understanding of the work I do that I am sufficiently qualified.

Besides that, my zero-owned-matter quest proceeds apace:  I have fewer than 10 physical books now (an enormously difficult thing for me to do), and am in the process of selling off my car.

The clothing-rental thing would work if I were in the states; I haven’t looked here in Europe yet. Unfortunately it is not particularly cost-effective to rent your clothes, and has rather dire consequences for one’s ability to make a sartorial statement.

In any case, once the car is sold the largest piece of matter I will own is an Aeron chair and associated desk. Not quite ready to give up on that, but for the moment it is in the states.

My work is interesting – getting to implement a scrum-like development environment for a web-development firm, as well as improving their toolchain all round – svn, redmine, automated testing, etc. I am enjoying the challenge of moving an existing team towards a better method of working.

I’m still shoveling through my mountain of debt, incurred while attending college, and it seems unlikely that I will be free from it until at least the end of ’09; I am seriously looking forward to a future when I actually get to allocate more than a quarter of every dollar I earn somewhere other than “paying for yesterday”.

Steps towards zero owned matter

For those of you who follow my twitter feed, you know I’ve already broken down and pre-ordered a Kindle 2. Despite announcing it many months ago, I have not given away most of my books. I suspect my reticence is in not wanting to give up the content. However, I have a workaround. I’m going to use delicious library to catalog all the physical books I have, so that I can gradually re-acquire my library in ebook format.

Anyway, so this should get rid of the bulk of my non-car owned matter. As part of the move I’m going to try to come up with an estimate of how much mass remains in my possession, so I can accurately track its diminishment.